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Self Storage by the Numbers

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Self Storage and Technology

Self Storage and Technology

Self-storage is all the rage right now since, well, people just have a lot of stuff. From extra clothes, furniture, documents, cars and well, pretty much everything else you could ever imagine, self storage is more necessary today than it has ever been before, as more and more people find their living situations downsize their storage needs rapidly increase.

Of course, this goes hand in hand with the fact that, with self-storage, you can pretty much pick up, move in and out, and use your storage as you see fit - 24 hours a day, and without needing a supervisor to come in and unlock the unit for you. But what happens as far as security with these 24-hour access units, and self-storage units that could otherwise be broken into and robbed? Luckily, much is being done as far as security, technology, and safety are concerned with self-storage.

Key-less Entry
No more worrying about your key, or losing or having a key stolen and being really out of luck with the storage unit, for fear of loss or theft. Instead, self-storage units are utilizing key-less entry technology in order…

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Affordable Self Storage in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, MI

You can’t go anywhere in Detroit, the Motor City, the “birthplace” of the American Obsession, without reading, seeing, and knowing you are where the automobile is king. Manufacturing plants are easy to spot, but there are a myriad of small businesses that supply the major manufacturing facilities. No doubt, Detroit is home to many thousands of jobs because of the auto industry.

There is another industry that is thriving in Detroit, you might be surprised at it. It is the Convenient, Affordable Self Storage industry. There is, without question, a 24 hour accessible self storage facility near where you live or work.

As you might have thought, storing vehicles in Detroit is a regular occurrence. Because a drive-up unit is just like a garage, vehicles that need to be protected, but are not often driven, are perfect candidates for self storage. Safely out of the snow and ice, but easily accessed when on a sunny day, antique automobiles are maintained in a convenient self storage unit.

Security is never an issue because the facility is secure in itself and you, as the tenant, put your own lock on your unit. Speaking…

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Why use business storage?

Business Storage

Business storage is a storage facility that allows you to have extra space away from the office. The advantage is that you are able to prevent yourself from being tied up with a long-term lease and at the same time reduce your rental and other business costs. You don’t have to add additional space for your lease.

With business storage, you can actually pay just for the self storage space you will need at any particular time. Here are a few reasons why you may need business storage:

  • Renovation or transferring to another workspace. While your office is being renovated, you can still make use of available space and continue with your operations by storing seldom-used office equipment and inventory in an alternative facility.

    • Equipment or inventory storage. You can store your stock, promotional materials, product samples and office equipment here. For small to medium businesses that don’t have the volume to hire a warehouse – this is the perfect solution. You don’t have the overhead required in a warehouse – but you have all the functionalities (security, maintenance of air temperature, accessibility). There are…

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Indoor Storage vs. Outdoor Storage

Indoor vs Outdoor Storage

OK, you know you need space in your garage, home, or apartment. You are tired of the clutter, tired of tripping over the golf clubs, the guitar, or Grandma’s chair that doesn’t work with this décor (but you don’t dare throw it away). And you’ve got to find a place to put the boat until next season. What to do?

Easy! Affordable self-storage is your answer. You can pick out the size unit that will allow you to store anything and everything. You can utilize your living space more efficiently. Everyone will be happier. So, now that you have decided to use a convenient, affordable self storage unit, what kind is best?

Did you know that there is indoor storage, outdoor storage, and drive up storage? Well, now you do. Which is best for you?

If you have an RV, a travel trailer, a boat, or even an automobile, outdoor storage may be perfect for you. Always, fenced, gated, and secure, you can have peace of mind as you store your items that are too large for the garage.

For items that will fit…

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Military Storage

Military Storage

Whether you are a current, active duty member of any branch of the military, an honorably discharged veteran, or a National Guardsmen serving the country on call, self storage is critical when it comes to storing your things during service and keeping your possessions safe and secure while you keep this country safe and secure, too.

In fact, self-storage is a phenomenal benefit for military personnel, as it provides them with the piece of mind that comes with knowing their things will not be damaged, stolen, lost, or affected by adverse events like storms or weather issues while they are on the road serving the country and protecting our freedoms.

Military Storage Is Affordable
Affordable storage is top of mind for storage companies when it comes to serving members of the military. While storage units are already extremely affordable, always be sure to ask for discounts for active duty military members or veterans, as they can often provide you with an even bigger discount thanks to your service for the United States.

When it comes to affordable places to store your belongings, self-storage is a great option for…

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Protecting Your Self Storage Unit During the Holiday Season

Protect your self storage unit

While the holiday season is a time for festivities, there are persons who take advantage of this and use it as an opportunity to carry out unscrupulous activities. The holiday is a high time for burglaries against individuals and businesses alike. Review the following tips to protect both yourself and your belongings during the holiday season:

Access your unit during the daytime — Even if you rent a 24-hour unit, try to load/unload it during the daytime hours when lots of other people around. Thieves are always on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to ambush and accessing your unit at nighttime makes you that much more vulnerable.

Don't rent next to an empty storage unit — Burglars often use empty units as a way to break-in to those adjacent. If possible, try to rent a unit that is beside other occupied units. This will also increase the likelihood that there will be other persons around when you have to access your unit.

Store items in unmarked boxes — If you'll be storing your valuable holiday presents, don't use the original boxes. Seeing an iPad box…

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Self Storage For The Artist In You

Self Storage For The Artist In You

OK, so what are you going to do with the drum set, now that you have decided to take up the Xylophone? There is no room in the garage. Any floor space that might have been available is taken with the easel and that 48” square canvas that you started when you were into seascapes. You don’t want to throw things away because you will use them again, but there is simply no room left. What to do?

Affordable, convenient, 24-hour access self storage is your answer. Likely right in your neighborhood, a safe, secure storage facility is available to you. Self storage units come in all sizes, so whatever you need to store, a unit will be available just for you.

Need to store a Grand piano? You can do it at a Self Storage facility near you. Climate control an issue? Not at your neighborhood self storage because they have climate-controlled units available. So, whether you need to store that piano or just a keyboard, you will find the perfect space at your Affordable Storage facility.

And for those of you who make pottery…

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