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5 Reasons Why Self Storage Units Are Increasingly Popular

Popularity of Self Storage

Each year, thousands of US based businesses and individuals discover the virtually endless list of benefits ensured by convenient self-storage units. According to the data provided by the Self Storage Association, the storage unit leasing and renting sector is flourishing, generating a profit of no less than 24 billion dollars annually. In 2009, out of approximately 58,000 such storage facilities opened worldwide, more than 46,000 were based in the US. At this point, cheap self storage units are seen as an excellent alternative by people who have to relocate often, opt for a smaller house or apartment, travel extensively or de-clutter their homes. If you’re still wondering why these options are in high demand in 2015, keep reading to discover the main reasons why some families and companies just can’t imagine their future without a cost-effective self storage unit.

1. American Employees Are Mobile. A recent article published by The Economist reveals the fact that there is a strong connection between lifestyle choices and a pressing need for rented storage space. Some people are always on the run. They are constantly looking for better paid jobs, more exciting career opportunities,…

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