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5 Reasons Why Self Storage Units Are Increasingly Popular

Popularity of Self Storage

Popularity of Self Storage

Each year, thousands of US based businesses and individuals discover the virtually endless list of benefits ensured by convenient self-storage units. According to the data provided by the Self Storage Association, the storage unit leasing and renting sector is flourishing, generating a profit of no less than 24 billion dollars annually. In 2009, out of approximately 58,000 such storage facilities opened worldwide, more than 46,000 were based in the US. At this point, cheap self storage units are seen as an excellent alternative by people who have to relocate often, opt for a smaller house or apartment, travel extensively or de-clutter their homes. If you’re still wondering why these options are in high demand in 2015, keep reading to discover the main reasons why some families and companies just can’t imagine their future without a cost-effective self storage unit.

1. American Employees Are Mobile. A recent article published by The Economist reveals the fact that there is a strong connection between lifestyle choices and a pressing need for rented storage space. Some people are always on the run. They are constantly looking for better paid jobs, more exciting career opportunities, a bigger home or a safer neighborhood. By renting a self storage unit, they manage their personal belongings conveniently and hassle-free and make the transitional period a whole lot easier. Self-storage units enable them to organize and prioritize their goods rapidly and efficiently. This way, they can pack the items that they use frequently and leave the rest of their possessions in storage for as long as they need. By being able to deposit their valuables safely and inexpensively, mobile employees succeed in embracing the flexible lifestyle that triggers their satisfaction.

2. People Keep Buying and Collecting Things, Although They Count on Limited Storage Space. Truth be told, shopping sprees are a lot of fun and can reduce the tension that we might experience at the end of a busy week. However, we rarely have enough space in our homes and offices to deposit all the goods that we end up buying on impulse. What should you do with those souvenirs that you’ve brought all the way from China? Where could you store that expensive dinnerware set or the microwave that you never get to use? You get the point: one thorough general house cleaning session will help you realize just how many items are currently gathering dust in your home. The solution is simple: clean, de-clutter, toss or donate the things that you feel ready to part with and leave the rest in storage.

3. Storage Units Let Clients Discover a Smarter Way to Deposit Their Personal Belongings. Why store goods in your attic or garage, when you can keep these areas spotless and properly organized? Moreover, try to see things from a different perspective: some of your goods may require special storage conditions that your indoor space couldn’t possibly ensure. Even if they are properly insulated, your garage and attic may fail to maintain a certain temperature that would be suitable for your possessions. On the other hand, climate controlled self storage units have everything covered. Such units provide optimal temperature and humidity control and help you prevent damage triggered by excessive heat or cold.

4. Modern Self Storage Units Are the Best Temporary Home for Most Categories of Goods. Furthermore, clients love self storage facilities because they offer a great variety of units, tailored to different needs and demands. When it comes to selecting the best one for you, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. You can choose from a large selection of modern indoor and outdoor units designed for car storage, boat storage, military storage, student storage, RV storage and so much more. Taking into consideration the plethora of self storage options currently available on the American market, it is essential to find the best one for you based on several criteria, such as square footage, price tag, security features and amenities.

5. Self-Storage Units Imply a Minimum Level of Commitment and Reduced Expenses. The best part is that storage units let you deposit your goods in a convenient manner, for as long as you want. Most facilities offer cheap and flexible local storage options designed especially for businesses and families requiring extra space to deposit their goods safely, securely and with minimal expenses. Since the competition in this sector is fierce, owners of such facilities strive to beat the offers of their main rivals and give prospects the chance to profit from low rates.

Self storage is a smart option for a number of reasons: units are clean, versatile, secure and ready to accommodate a wide range of goods that you may no longer need and want to see around the house. If you also wish to find storage fast and make the most of the lowest rental fees in your area, spot the cheapest options in your ZIP code with a little help from, the self storage search engine that you know and trust.