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Self Storage and Technology

Self Storage and Technology

Self Storage and Technology

Self-storage is all the rage right now since, well, people just have a lot of stuff. From extra clothes, furniture, documents, cars and well, pretty much everything else you could ever imagine, self storage is more necessary today than it has ever been before, as more and more people find their living situations downsize their storage needs rapidly increase.

Of course, this goes hand in hand with the fact that, with self-storage, you can pretty much pick up, move in and out, and use your storage as you see fit - 24 hours a day, and without needing a supervisor to come in and unlock the unit for you. But what happens as far as security with these 24-hour access units, and self-storage units that could otherwise be broken into and robbed? Luckily, much is being done as far as security, technology, and safety are concerned with self-storage.

Key-less Entry
No more worrying about your key, or losing or having a key stolen and being really out of luck with the storage unit, for fear of loss or theft. Instead, self-storage units are utilizing key-less entry technology in order to provide you a better experience, ranging from card access points to keypads with code numbers that can grant you entry into the storage unit.

You can get everything you need to get, make sure your unit is closed and safe, and secure all of your belongings, all without having to worry about using the key and losing it, or finding space on your keyring to put another key!

24-Hour Surveillance Cameras
Self-storage units that are worth their weight in this day and age come with automated and high quality 24-hour surveillance cameras. This means they come without any of the security concerns that are attributable to other facilities, and can work in the long run to prevent crime and avoid loitering and other criminal elements and issues.

In addition, these 24-hour surveillance cameras can provide the technology that you need to give you peace of mind when it comes to knowing your belongings and storage unit are safe, and secure. However, be aware this piece of mind can have a higher price tag attached!

Online Payments
Not enough technology for you yet when it comes to self storage units? How's this: online payment platforms that allow you to pay your super low monthly storage rental rates without ever writing a check, visiting an office, or doing anything else like it. Instead, you get the opportunity to pay online in a quick and easy fashion that prevents you from wasting time, money, or energy..

When it comes to technology, self-storage units have embraced the digital age wholeheartedly, and are some of the most modern and well-equipped amenities you will find when it comes to services like this. No more worrying about your unit or figuring out payment schedules; with current technology, all of your self-storage concerns have been addressed.