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Affordable Self Storage in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI

You can’t go anywhere in Detroit, the Motor City, the “birthplace” of the American Obsession, without reading, seeing, and knowing you are where the automobile is king. Manufacturing plants are easy to spot, but there are a myriad of small businesses that supply the major manufacturing facilities. No doubt, Detroit is home to many thousands of jobs because of the auto industry.

There is another industry that is thriving in Detroit, you might be surprised at it. It is the Convenient, Affordable Self Storage industry. There is, without question, a 24 hour accessible self storage facility near where you live or work.

As you might have thought, storing vehicles in Detroit is a regular occurrence. Because a drive-up unit is just like a garage, vehicles that need to be protected, but are not often driven, are perfect candidates for self storage. Safely out of the snow and ice, but easily accessed when on a sunny day, antique automobiles are maintained in a convenient self storage unit.

Security is never an issue because the facility is secure in itself and you, as the tenant, put your own lock on your unit. Speaking of facility security, even if you have an RV that is too big to park indoors, you can park it safely at a 24 hour access self storage facility. It will be right where you left it when spring comes and a trip “up north” is in the plan.

Speaking of travel, Michigan is a beautiful state with lots of lakes and camping is a booming industry. What do you do with your camping equipment in the wintertime when it is too cold and blustery to enjoy camping? You can’t keep it in the garage with the snow blower, shovels, cars, and other things that you need to be right outside the door. Why not rent a safe, secure, storage unit in Detroit to put them away until spring?

Convenient self storage units come in various sizes. You will find one that is just right for you and will hold your things perfectly. Here is another bonus; you never have to sign a long term lease agreement. When you just need to store things until spring, you will be pleased to know that your lease is merely month to month.

Many people who live in Detroit or southern Michigan, store their vacation equipment at a self storage facility somewhere else in the state that is closer to where they spend their summers. Self storage facilities are readily available wherever you need them in Michigan, with sizes and rates that will meet any requirements and budgets.

Detroit and Car Storage have become synonymous. So, don’t wonder what you will do with that vehicle you didn’t want to trade in. Self storage is the easy answer.

And, don’t worry about storing your vacation and camping supplies until next season. The convenient, 24-hour access, secure, self storage facility you have chosen, has you covered.

Michigan…Automobiles and Self Storage…both have changed the world!