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Boat Storage

Having a place to store your boat in the off-season has been one of the biggest problems for boat owners since time immemorial. A boat is not like any other possession that you can simply leave out to the elements. Wear and tear to the ship can set you back far more than what you originally paid for it. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be near to a private dock that we can house our boat in, but SelfStorageOnline has a solution for boat storage that would make many owners very happy.

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Convenient and Cost Effective

SelfStorageOnline has a number of facilities that you can access via the site's search function. With over eight thousand different facilities for storage located in fifty states around the country, you can almost be guaranteed that you'll find boat storage that you can use. We understand that boat storage needs to be easy to access and to add to the convenience of having storage in a nearby location, we also offer a drive up unit that is ideal for the housing of boats and other vehicles.

Our 10x15 unit can house almost any small watercraft easily, without the stress of having to figure out how to fit your boat into the storage space. Consider what you get with a boat storage unit from SelfStorageOnline, you might be thinking that the cost would be affordable by few owners. We provide storage facilities with the client in mind and to that end, we offer you boat storage facilities for a fraction of what other storage companies would allow. Cost effective and accessible storage is what a boat owner like you should be looking for when you're thinking about storage options.

Types of Boat Storage for All Users

Boat storage comes in many different varieties depending on the type of boat you're looking at. Smaller boats are able to be help in fully enclosed storage units to keep them safe from the elements and preserve their finish. Usually, owners that have boats but don't get the time to use them often go with this storage method because of the added security and lowered maintenance cost. For some owners, a covered parking space is ideal for storing the boat, combining ease of access with minimal protection from the elements. This type of storage is ideal for a user that uses their small boat regularly. The wear and tear from the elements is balanced by the regular use of the vessel. Larger vessels can be quite a hassle to store and these are usually kept in an uncovered parking space. This makes it easier to take the boat out for use, but also has the downside of increasing the maintenance costs of the vessel.

Boat Storage


A boat is usually attached to a vehicle in order to move around. In order for us to make storage of boats easier on owners, we have developed our 10 x 15 storage unit to incorporate the ability to drive up to the unit. These drive up units are ideal for housing large items like boats. It also makes it much easier to retrieve your boat if you have it stored in order to go on a weekend trip. Parking spaces for boats are also very easy to access and gives an owner freedom of movement without having to worry about the hassle of close maneuvering that a fully enclosed unit would have. All of SelfStorageOnline's facilities are easily accessible to boat owners via vehicles, making is the simplest thing in the world to store your boat.

Storage Available

Long and Short Term Storage Available

Storage solutions for both the long term and the short term are available for boat owners. If you use your boat a lot and just need a place to keep it when it's not in use, we have you covered. If, however, you don't use your boat quite as often, we have a long term boat storage solution that fits your price range. Because of our convenient location, you can store your boat in a storage site closer to the place you use your boat the most, making it a simple matter of visiting your boat storage before heading out into the open water. It has never been easier to manage your vessel in its downtime. Putting it in a safe and secure location ensures that your boat will always be there when you need it, giving you the peace of mind you need as an owner.

Finding a location where you can store your boat has gotten a whole lot easier with SelfStorageOnline's search function. Based on the location of your vessel you can search nearby storage facilities and book a spot there. You need to hurry though, spots are limited. Value like this doesn't come along every day and you need to act fast to get in on the action before all vacancies are gone. If you want somewhere to store your vessel that is inexpensive, secure and convenient, then you've come to the right place.